Business Guide

In any business operation, planning is an important and essential procedure. It goes the same when running an online business. A proper business plan establishes your business goals and eliminates unnecessary activity which is not related to your business goals. It gives you a clear view of what your business wants to achieve in a given timeframe. XXBR2 Nonetheless, when a business goes according to plan there are many advantages such as: XXBR2 1. You are focus only on the activities that are most likely to achieve your goals. XXBR2 2. You know how to allocate your resources (staffing, funding etc) XXBR2 3. You are able make correction and adjustments, and get back on track if necessary. XXBR2 When writing an online business plan, the approach may be slightly different from a traditional business planning though the objective may be the same. An online business runs 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and a traditional business probably opens from 8 to 5 and closes on all Sunday, thus planning will not be the same for the 2 types of business. XXBR2 Here is a step by step guide: XXBR2 1. You need to identify the products or services that you are selling and understand how your products or services can satisfy the needs of your customer. XXBR2 2. You need to identify your target market and understand why they are going to purchase your products or services. XXBR2 3. What ways are you going to reach to your targeted market? Unlike the traditional business, online business core marketing plan is traffic generation. There are various methods of traffic generation. Some methods are free and any requires any money. XXBR2 Free methods XXBR2 a.Article Marketing XXBR1 b.Forum Marketing XXBR1 c.Blogging XXBR2 Paid Methods: XXBR1 a.Ezine advertising XXBR1 b.Pay per click advertising XXBR2 Besides these various methods, you need to develop a website that is search engine friendly. This is to optimize your website when users do a search on search engines and get rank well in search engine. XXBR2 4. Having a good customer services is an important factor when running an online business. Very often, most people think that online business does not require any verbal communication except by communicating through emails. Yes, I agree that the main form of communication is largely through emails however phone calls are equally important. XXBR1 Make sure that you have a team that is attending to customer emails and phone calls. Being able to relate to customer is very important, it keeps the customer coming back. XXBR2 Having a proper plan can ensure that your online business runs smoothly. Everything is at your fingertips, you know which step to make and which not to be make. So if you need to achieve online or offline business success, plan well! When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. XXBR2

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