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Business planning succession planning business diagnostics phone consulting telephone consulting market development product development business consulting to SMEs. We specialise in assisting managers and business owners of XXBR1 SME’s (small to medium sized enterprises) but we have also worked with any very large organisations. For example, we have worked with one of the largest US owned food companies, the largest mining company in Australia and the largest engineering company in the UK. We can provide you with information regarding Business Planning and Business Planning Software. The emphasis of our site is on assisting business owners become more successful by better business planning. XXBR2 SuccessGalore assists organisations with business planning, market development, succession planning, and preparing plans for bank finance and/or equity funding. XXBR2 As a result of our direct experience and involvement in a broad range of businesses, both small and large, we have become expert in business planning. Our company was established in 1996 and has been responsible for providing outstanding service ever since. Our specialty is in the area of business planning. Our regular customers particularly value our common sense approach. XXBR2 The Competitive Position Analysis reviews the positioning of your products relative to those of your competitors. The Financial Projections analysis helps you develop Sales Forecasts, Profit & Loss Accounts, Cash Flow Statements and Balance Sheets for your business. XXBR2 The SWOT analysis covers the Environment, Product, Marketing, Personnel/ Management and Finance and comments are provided on the significance of these topics to the effectiveness of your business. The second part consists of 15 to 20 questions aimed at assessing your understanding of these topics and how it affects your business. You will be asked to select from three possible answers to each question. Honest answers in this part of the SWOT Analysis will allow you to realistically assess your position. Winner considers all your answers and applies a specially developed algorithm to provide an indication of possible Strengths and Weaknesses. Winner then produces a report (which can be printed) to provide you with a realistic overview of your business (or proposed business) based on your answers. XXBR2

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